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Surprise! Surprise!

I know many of you had no idea about this upcoming project. Since i started home decorations (surprised again?) and considering my career lifted off some 20 years ago in web-designing, i ought to merge and mixx the idea. How could i not?

A mind full of creativity and an eye for beauty led me to seek the best of home & decor products from across the globe.

This idea crept in to Rahul's and my head sometime in November 2015 where he went ballistic trying to come up with an interesting name that would mean something and be easy to the tongue.

Trust me when i say this, it is easier to ideate and find suppliers than it is to find a domain name with a .com extension. Finally we did and we love it.

Then started my job of logo designing and web structuring. I know it is not perfect right now, but given time, it will be a smooth journey. Please bear with me till then.

Significance -
The blue lotus is closely connected with the Egyptian culture, where the symbol of a blue lotus was used as a metaphor for re-birth, creation and the sun. Even in Buddism the blue lotus plays a key role where it’s color is thought to be associated with a victory of the spirit.

The idea behind Blue Lotus Homes is to revive the creativity within oneself.

Revive - Revamp - Restore.
This is a mantra to awaken the creative you.
This is what led me to seek the best of home decor products from across the globe.

I hope you love it as much as i do. 

Do register and share amongst your friends. I am always open to feedbacks and suggestions.